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"¿Dónde quieres comprar zapatos nuevos?"

Translation:Where do you want to buy new shoes?

June 12, 2018



I retain that 'From where do you want to buy new shoes' is better English than: 'Where do you want to buy new shoes'


I'm not a native English speaker but "from where" sounds like broken English to me. Like something only non-native speakers would say before they learn proper grammar.


What is wrong with "where do you want to shop for new shoes"?


A shop, to shop, shopping, shopped, may not have a purchase as the result.

He shopped his wares elsewhere and found several potential takers.

She shopped all day but didn't find anything she wanted to buy.

To buy, buying, bought, has a purchase result without necessarily any shopping involved. There may be no selection from which to shop.


What other kind of shoes would you buy at a shoe store besides NEW shoes?!


Why is it wrong if I answered 'where do you want to buy the new shoes'?


Why does it sound so weird when he says quieres?


The answer I gave was Where do you want to buy new shoes?. I was marked wrong; the "correct" answer was given as Where do you fancy buying new shoes?. Their answer is so off the mark it's hard to know where to begin, but I am standing by my answer. Reported, of course.


Isn't correct "From where"?

[deactivated user]

    ♪♫ New shoes, new shoooees, new shoes ♪♫


    It sounds to me like the female clearly omits the plural, saying "Dónde quieres comprar zapato nuevos?". I didn't report this because I don't know if this is how natives speak fast, implying the plural from "nuevos".

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