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Evidence of new content and hidden grammar lessons

I'm about 3/4 of the way through the purple lessons, up to Memories, Farm, Recreation 2, and Vacation.

In rolls the past tense, with no heads-up and no explanations. I'm not complaining - I enjoyed being momentarily thrown off, and then making the connections: "Oh, THIS is where this is going."

There are a lot of clues - use of the words "ayer" and "anoche", for example - that remind you of what the new conjugations mean. And (though it's early) I haven't run into any irregular verbs yet, so associating the conjugations with the related person is a breeze.

It's been a nice surprise.

June 12, 2018



Why would you down-vote this, cranky-pants, whoever you are?


I'm sure it has nothing to do with you. Some people don't like change.


They are haters. They complain about everything.


So, if someone else don't like something that you like, then you need to like that thing just because he likes?


They are haters. They complain about everything.

How ironic that you should complain about them. :P

[deactivated user]

    It happens to me all the time, very irritating


    people just don't understand whats good and what's not, I for one do and I'm sure all of you do too!


    Agreed. I love the new changes, and became a permanent Plus member after they rolled them out to my account. I'm learning more than ever now, the constant repetition is just the right amount, and I find myself spending much more time daily now, so they've nailed the game/addiction factor.


    yes. i very much like the change. timing for me was perfect as i had completed the tree a few times. these changes seem to deepen and expand on the progress i had made. i look forward to completing everything to level 5. plenty of work lies ahead.


    I know that the farm skill has past tense. Which of the other purple skills do too? All of them or only some of them?


    So far, I've found Memories, Farm, Recreation 2, and Vacation.


    It is great to have new items, but their location in the tree, relative to the other items in the tree, probably could be better; a rearrangement of the items in the tree is needed.

    Many of the new items, should probably be after instead of before , the grammar items i.e. adjective 1, present 2, adverbs, past tense.

    Certainly, not everything, which is now above adjective, needs to be done before the adjective unit is introduced. Almost everything above the adjective unit, uses adjectives.

    Many new things were introduced before adjective. Certainly, not all of these are prerequisites for doing adjective.

    Also as you just pointed out, past tense is now being introduced (at the "vacation" or "shopping 4" unit) before the "past tense" unit in the tree.


    I'm still lost and trying to find out what "purple lessons" are. I'm on the free version for going on two months now. Just keep clicking and soaking in the information.... lingots at 114, after just spending 30 on idioms. Not much in the Store to select from. love the program, learning Spanish.... what are all these circle things that looks like flag parts..... and where are the Help lines....who do I ask questions of?


    I'll share as much as I have figured out. If it's wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me. As to the 'purple circles,' if you had completed enough skills/lessons to open the next subject, when the upgrade took place, these circles all became purple. Some people had completed all 5 levels thus making their circle gold, but after the update, it went back to purple. Outside of giving them away to others in these Discussions, Ingots don't serve much of a purpose (as far as I know). I would suggest if you are working on a streak (number of consecutive days that you logged in and reached your goal XPs) that you go into the Shop and spend a few on a 'Streak Freeze.' I also do 'Double or Nothing' just for the heck of it. The little circle thing(s) after a username designates the language(s) the person is learning. The number after the little circle thing is their Level. And lastly, the number after the Flame icon is the number of days in their streak.


    One thing the lingot can be used for is to refill your health when you deplete it because you start typing your sentences in half english and half spanish. An answer must be in only one language...lol i just get on this roll and flying threw and then it happens. I’m thinking in one language but writing in another but not the right one. Or when you’re getting tired and you start making the dumbest mistakes. So that when it’s good to have those lingots. Also it makes me braver to guess with the fast paced speech and not use the slowed down version. I was thinking it will make me better are recognizing words when they are flying by me out in public. Just a suggestion for something to use them on. So everyone feel free to send them my way. I make a lot of mistakes...lol i’m just kidding. Keep them for yourself. I have enough.


    I've committed every mistake so far, just having fun learning a new skill. I'm just shy of 70, but not a geek bone in my body. So if there isn't a button to click taking me to the correct department, I'm lost


    Thanks a bunch. But about this "to refill your health when you deplete"? How does one maintain good health or become depleted and how do you repay with the lingots once you have fallen ill?


    Health is a iOS app thing. It's not on the internet version. Thank goodness because it's super annoying. If you make a mistake, you lose a health. You have 5, and they take like 5 hours to regenerate.


    thanks, didn't know that. kinda like the hearts way back i assume


    Also thank you for explaining that too. I only started this 2 weeks ago and was kind of wondering what all this talk was about.


    There is a new update to the Spanish tree/course that has been rolled out to some people but not everyone yet. Rather than 61 skills of the existing tree, the new update has 113 skills plus there's been a few other changes. If you don't have it yet, it will be coming to you soon but I don't know exactly when everyone will get it.


    Thanks for letting us know. I'm excited to reach that stage! I noticed the new Duo skills throwing in new grammar lessons in secretly so I started keeping a notebook to write down new phrases I see :)

    [deactivated user]

      If you need help with the preterite tense:

      AR verbs: -é, -aste, -ó, -amos, -aron
      ER/IR verbs: -í, -iste, -ió, -imos, -ieron

      SER and IR: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron
      TENER: tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuvieron
      ESTAR: estuve, estuviste, estuvo, estuvimos, estuvieron
      SABER: supe, supiste, supo, supimos, supieron
      PODER: pude, pudiste, pudo, pudimos, pudieron
      PONER: puse, pusiste, puso, pusimos, pusieron
      VENIR: vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron
      HACER: hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicieron


      You have wings of steel bryan. A couple of cranky-pants can’t shoot your posts down!

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