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"Yo disfruto un día en la playa."

Translation:I am enjoying a day at the beach.

2 months ago



Why "i enjoy a day in the beach" is incorrect?? Shouldn't it be accepted as well??

2 months ago

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I enjoy a day at the beach, should be accepted but not I enjoy a day 'in' the beach which is wrong.

2 months ago

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"I enjoy a day on the beach" is correct and accepted.

2 months ago


It says the answer is i am enjoying a day on the beach. Why is it enjoying rather than i enjoy?

2 months ago


In English, verbs in the present use "-ing." "I am enjoying today." But, in Spanish, "-ando" (the equivalent of "-ing") is used much more sparingly. Think of it as what you are doing in the current moment right now as you are speaking. Whereas, in English, you could say "I am completing my bachelor degree." But, since it takes several years to do and is stated in less of a concrete manner (Versus "I am walking" as yiu walk and talk), you could be at the store talking to someone about it. You're still in the degree program, but you are not right then studying for a class when speaking at Target. It's an odd concept for us English speakers to differentiate between, but I hope that makes sense.

1 month ago


Good explanation. In this example however I feel it is almost the opposite and the two English translations have different meanings. ' I am enjoying a day at the beach' means you are there now and enjoying it. ' I enjoy a day at the beach' means that you enjoy going to the beach but are probably not there at the moment. Not sure if the difference could be correctly made in Spanish using '-ando'.

3 weeks ago


In Spanish, the present progressive is used for things your are doing "right now" or "at this moment. Thus, "estoy disfrutando" would be appropriate.

So, yes, the difference could be correctly made with "ando". Also, read PaddyJay1 above.

2 weeks ago

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Can someone tell me, is there a way to differentiate between....I enjoy a day at the beach (generally) vs I am enjoying a day at the beach (right now)

3 weeks ago


I'm enjoying a day at the beach. It can be ESTOY DISFRUTANDO o DISFRUTO. If when I say that I am at beach. Perhaps I would prefer to say ESTOY DISFRUTANDO.

DISFRUTO I only use it I have that routine.

2 weeks ago

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Yes. There is a great explanation above on this very thread.

2 weeks ago


why can't you say yo disfrutiendo

2 weeks ago


You need to use "estoy" in that circumstance. "(yo) estoy disfrutando" is correct.

1 week ago

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It's a good thing we have the option of listening to a slow version of this sentence. No matter how many times I listen to the fast version, I can not understand what is being said:p; even after listening to the slow version.

1 week ago

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You have 2 sentences that use “un día”. One says, “un día” is “one day” and “a day”is incorrect. The second sentence that uses “un día” says “a day” is correct, and “one day” is incorrect. Well which is it? Thanks!

1 day ago