"I need the letters for Monday."

Translation:Yo necesito las cartas para el lunes.

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Why "el lunes" instead of just "lunes."

7 months ago

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Because you're talking about a specific day of the week here - Monday, rather than Mondays in general which wouldn't need a preposition.

More here:


In Spanish, on the other hand, when you want to talk about something happening on a specific day of the week, you must use a definite pronoun before the day of the week. The days of the week are always masculine, so you’ll use either el or los.

When talking about one specific day of the week, use el.

Iré a Bogotá el lunes que viene. (I will go to Bogota next Monday.)

When talking about something habitual, or something that happens every week, use los.

Voy al gimnasio todos los martes. (I go to the gym every Tuesday.)

7 months ago


Thank you for the explanation.

6 months ago


Great article thanks

5 months ago


Can someone help me understand when to use para vs. por

5 months ago


I don't know what's the point of saying that "YO necesito..." as the correct answer. This resource is only used in Spanish when you're trying to be specific. Normally, the subject is omitted because the conjugation of the verb makes it unnecessary to state it.

2 months ago


Why can't you say del lunes?

6 months ago


Because "para el lunes" means "for Monday" and "del lunes" means "of Monday".

5 months ago


I typed "Yo necesito las letras para el lunes." I got it wrong. Is there a context issue here? Maybe they needed the ABCs for monday

5 months ago


They wanted "cartas" instead of "letras."

5 months ago


why when I hover over "the" the pop-up shows "el" instead of "las." I typed in "Yo necesito el cartas para lunes." It marked me wrong even though I used what was shown in the pop-up. I still would have had it wrong for not putting "el" in front of lunes. However, why can't the pop-up show the correct word to properly use?

4 months ago


Thanks spiceyokooko. Very informative.

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Pretty sure I'm writing the correct answer and yet still wrong...

3 months ago
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