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Hard Spanish

I think this is kinda hard, but will get used to it! Go Duolingo!

June 12, 2018



Welcome to Duolingo!

It's good practice, and good fun once you get used to it. Motivation is a key factor, as well is self-esteem. Hopefully those keep well with you, and are expressed with kindness and gratitude towards those of the Duolingo community.

Feel free to ask questions, for there are many a people here who would like to show off their knowledge and help those who are looking for it.

Have fun on your journey of language learning! Best of luck with your Spanish, and with whatever more you choose, should you choose them.


practice makes perfect


Ik vind het Spaans leren hier erg gemoedelijk. En dat moeilijke, valt voor mij tot nu toe nog mee.


¬°Bienvenidos a Duolingo! Consistency is key. Good luck on your journey.


Welcome! i speak Spanish, it's my language native... so if you need help with the lenguage i can help you, also i could learn from you... I do not know if you notice it, but my English is not the best XD


Your english is muy bien!!!!


where are you from???


tu ingles es muy bien


Gracias!!! es duolingo surtiendo efecto Thank u!!! it's duolingo having effect

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