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"Chtěly jsme spolu jet do Polska."

Translation:We wanted to go to Poland together.

June 12, 2018



Vlado, I didn't delete my comment from yesterday about "y" and "i". It appears that all the comments (3) have disappeared. Why is only Chtely jsme being accepted as a translation for the Audio? Is there some clue in the Czech sentence that makes the subject feminine? Thanks!


We blocked the audio exercise again. But with that done, no sense leaving the discussion here.


I got it today as well ("chteli jsme spolu jet do polska" was not accepted). Not sure if it helps you in any way, but I flagged it.


And was it an audio exercise or a translation? We really need this information. It can take some time for everything to be synchronized and updated.


It was an audio exercise. So you can not hear a difference between chtěli and chtěly. I will include this info next time


I made the same mistake with the audio exercise today. Chtěli instead of chtěly

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