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películas y programas de televisión

Can anyone recommend me any tv shows or movies in spanish?

June 12, 2018



Tell us about your interests, age, level of Spanish and if you have a preferred country.


I'm 14, coming toward gcses, if thats a description(?), and honestly just anything you can recommend


We have a problem, because is more easy to find, American or British series and movies, for all ages, because you have 14, but maybe try with "Televisión Española" (TVE), "La Sexta" Or Antena 3. In Latin America the telenovela genre is very common, but some productions and series have emerged with another focus. Why do I recommend Spain? They have a lot of experience creating all kinds of content for adults and children, although now you can watch series on Netflix from Mexico or South America. For example, "Las Leyendas" was an animated Mexican production with good reception on Netflix and good Spanish. The problem is that for your age, certain productions such as the so-called "soap operas" could not be recommended according to your country of origin.


Sé quien eres La casa de papel Ingobernable Verónica


perfecto, gracias


If you have Netflix, especially for Netflix originals, you can switch the language of the shows. For beginning listening practice, I found it really useful to watch shows that I already enjoyed in english, in Spanish. You can also turn on Spanish subtitles if you need additional assistance.

One I really liked on Netflix was full metal alchemist. Good SciFi, originally in Japanese I think.(was a fan of the adult swim cartoon). Orbiter 9 and of course Disney/Pixar's Coco. Those are one's I plan to watch again sometime.


oh my, i completely forgot you could do that! thank you so much, perfect


On Netflix or Hulu, I watch TV shows in English but have the Spanish subtitles on at the bottom.

Sometimes I switch the audio to Spanish (if it's available), and keep the subtitles as Spanish or sometimes English.

It's fun :)

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