Translation:The teacher needs me in class.

7 months ago


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Why not "... in 'the' class."?

7 months ago

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IDK. But I put in the class and was counted correct.

5 months ago



3 months ago


Why not 'the classroom'?

5 months ago

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Yes, that's right; in Spanish we can use "clase" for class and classroom.

1 month ago


Clase ...sounded like... que hace

4 months ago


DL is automating its procedures for adding additional interpretations so that all DL users can upvote or downvote translations and interpretations. It is my surmise that eventually enough people will weigh in so that ALL the acceptable ones will be listed on the webpage that tells whether a translation is acceptable or not.

The way to get your new input accepted is to downvote the “correct” sentence translation that is provided on this webpage, EVEN THOUGH IT IS ACCEPTABLE. What this does is to trigger the same page coming up again before the lesson closes. Then, you use the translation that you thought was unfairly marked “incorrect.” Also, if you liked the translation on this page, it is equally important to upvote it so that it will continue to be accepted.

At that point, the report button will allow you to enter your alternate translation/interpretation. Once enough people do this, both are accepted.

4 months ago


Hi Linda, As for crowdsourcing what are aceptable translations, I have reservations even though it has been successful for wikipedia and the other wikis. Do we really want something along the lines of "That's rad man" or 'groovy" or 'nucular weapons' taught as acceptable?

Anyway, can you link to a DL post about this?

4 months ago
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