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  5. "¿Ustedes tienen una piscina?"

"¿Ustedes tienen una piscina?"

Translation:Do you have a pool?

June 12, 2018



ustedes tienen is plural "they have", yet I was corrected to say "you have ". Please explain.


In english we don't have a separate word for a plural you, although the southerns have something close with y'all, as in 'how y'all doin'? In the northwest, we commonly say 'hey, you guys, what's up?' But spanish does have a word for the plural 'you all' or 'you guys' in the form of ustedes, not to be confused with usted, which is just the formal version of the singular you. In the sentence above, the person is most likely addressing a family or maybe talking to someone in town, asking do you all, the people of this family or town, have a pool. Duo used to say you all, so there was no confusion, and also demanded you answer with the same, but doesnt any more, but if you answer 'you all', it will be accepted, but 'you' is all that is required to get it right.


Yes in Irish English we commonly say "youse" or "yous" for you plural (lifted as a concept from the actual Irish language i think). But of course not used in standard written English. It helps in understanding the you plural though.


"Y'all have" is accepted


In English "you have" represents both singular second person (tú/usted) and plural second person (ustedes/vosotros):

  • I have
  • you have
  • he/she/it has
  • we have
  • you have
  • they have

"they have" is related to the plural third person: "ellos/ellas tienen"


Dang, I thought she asked "Do you have an office?" Well, say Ustedes tienen una oficina? fast. ...


This particular speaker never seems to be clear, at least coming from my speakers. The audio always sounds muffled.


Why is wrong answer: Do you have a swimming pool?


I feel this should be correct, in English you could have a pool of any other liquid. Pool implies a body of water of various sizes, but not specifically for swimming.


'Do you have a swimming pool?' is accepted 06/08/2019.


I've never had it reject swimming pool, if it did, report it. However, look closely at your sentence, there may be something else wrong, and when it corrected the something else, it used swimming pool. Duo lets you say pool, because in english, we often just say pool when talking about a swimming pool. If we are talking about something else, we will specify, like 'a pool of milk on the ground.'


the man speaking does not pronounce the p in the word piscina....


Turn up the volume. I am tired of complaints about the male voice, which is perfectly clear. He hardly ever used and the female speaking makes as many mistakes and is used three times as much as the mans.


I agree with the comments made by several below. It sounded to me like una oficina rather than una piscina.


That's surely what it sounded like to me as well.


Piscina pool? I won't forget that translation


Sí, yo tengo una piscina :)


Is piscina specificaly swimming pool ?


Although it can be translated to something else (see http://dle.rae.es/?id=TCRT1ER), "piscina" will mean "swimming pool" in almost all situations.


I guess it means "do you all"? comments?


I don't understand the logic behind using pluaral form, isn't "Tienes una piscina" correct too? And why are we using Usted here? Nothing indicates we are asking this qs to an elderly..


Regarding the plural form... the speaker may be addressing to a group of persons, so the subject will be the plural second person ("ustedes" or "vosotros") and not the singular second person ("tú" or "usted").

Notice that some countries predominantly use the "ustedes" form while others use the "vosotros" form and there isn't actually a distinction between formal and informal in the plural form.

Regarding the singular second formal and informal person, it is country dependent: on some Spanish speaking countries there is no formal/informal speech, that is, on some countries everyone uses "usted" even in informal situations.


Tú tienes una piscina?
Is it correct like this?


Yes, if you are talking to just one person and if you are using informal speech ("usted" if using formal speech).

In Duo's exercise, the speaker is talking with multiple persons, so the plural second person is used ("ustedes" or "vosotros").


I think "Do you ALL have a pool"


Your interpretation asks for one pool for each person on the group and, although a possible interpretation, the Spanish question can also be interpreted as "Do you have a pool for all of you?".


Do "you all", "you guys" or any other way to make it plural.


Si, tenamos una piscinia.?


Why tienen and not tienes ?


i said u instead of you, is that wrong?


Yes. 'u' by itself is not actually a word.


You guys is also accepted


how is this incorrect ? "Tienes una piscina"


Simply it also could be "tienes piscina"


This should be acceptable to translate as "Do they have a pool" or "Do you have a pool" (plural).


Why is a swimming pool is a mistake?


I take ustedes AND tienen as they... Idk why that's wrong. Even if you tap the underlined words to see suggestions it says "Do they have..."

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