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Can we take a moment to appreciate...

The fact that the Romanian course accepts the Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet for Romanian answers?

June 12, 2018



Using Moldovan Cyrillic is becoming a bit of an obsession. The context in which it is used is very politically sensitive -- national identity for the Moldovans east of the Dniester, Soviet nostalgia, R.M. reactionary nationalism & statalism.

You will not connect with the majority of Romanians by learning Cyrillic, so if you learn it, do so to access the little known history of Soviet rule in Moldova, by reading remaining original materials.

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With all due respect to the Russian neighbors/friends, I think the Moldovans need to make up their minds whether they speak Russian (which Moldovan is not related to) or Romanian!-) On the other hand, I can see why they are torn apart and cannot make up their minds whether their main culture/inheritance is slavic or roman/latin...


The question whether to write Moldovan (i.e. Romanian) with Cyrillic or Latin letters (which, I believe, isn't really a question anymore in modern Moldova) is surely not the same as the question whether to speak Russian or Romanian.

Btw, the latest decision about the status of Russian in the Republic: https://www.europalibera.org/a/29270749.html

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Did you get the impression that I was mixing the two issues? I was not!! I was tongue in cheek about the Moldovans making up their mind whether they are Russians or Romanians... The sarcasm is based on personal experience with friendly Moldovans living in US. On the other hand, it would be interesting to know why all the effort put in to have Romanian language support the Cyrillic alphabet... Regarding your reference, it is very interesting that they are keeping Russian for official documents (along Romanian). Do you know if Ukrainian and Gauguz languages are used along Russian in these 'official documents?' Regards.


Gagauz is only in their autonomous regions (Gagauz Yeri) an official languages; I don't think it is used outside that area for anything official. A lot of Gagauzes prefer to speak Russian anyway.

Ukrainian (even though the Ukrainians are with about 6,6%* of the total population the largest ethnic minority in the Republic of Moldova) isn't used at all in official documents. Similar to the Gagauzes, many Ukrainians rather speak Russian than "their own" language.

For this whole topic I recommend Charles King: The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture (Stanford, California: Hoover Institution Press 1999.)

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Then the reason for using Russian in documents because it is a minority language is just an excuse and we are back to my original points!


What's there to appreciate? I hope not too many resources were wasted implementing such nonsense.

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