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"She often studies in the library."

Translation:Ella a menudo estudia en la biblioteca.

June 12, 2018



what about 'Ella estudia a menudo'? Duolingo says it's wrong, can anybody explain?


15/mayo/19. I wrote "Ella estudia a menudo en la biblioteca" and it was accepted. You can also put a menudo at the beginning or end of the sentence. I believe Duo's answer is the one that I am most likely to hear.


A menudo como menudo en mi restaurante mexicano favorito.


How to decide where to put a menudo ? Why is "a menudo ella estudia..." wrong ?


I think I figured it out. In the first and second person (I and you), you do not have to put the pronoun in the sentence, hence a menudo goes first. In the third person where the she (ella) is used, it follows the normal word order of words like siempre and nunca. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.


Today's message from Duolingo: 'You suggested “A menudo ella estudia en la biblioteca.” as a translation for “She often studies in the library.” We now accept this translation. :)'


A menudo should be able to precede ella. A menudo, ella... is a valid construction.


I think there is a variation of this sentence in Duo where "a menudo" is at the beginning of the sentence. Also, all three spanishdict.com translators put "a menudo" at the beginning.

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