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  5. "Un vestido."

"Un vestido."

Translation:A dress.

June 13, 2018



Someone please explain why vestido is considered masculine


Short answer: it ends in "o". Grammatical gender is quite arbitrary. There is no particular reason why a chair ("silla") is feminine and a stool ("banco") is masculine, but there it is.


The root word in Latin vestitus was a type of clothing for both genders. It was only more recently that it is considered a "female" garment, so it has retained it's masculine article.


I dont know dose anyone else


Could there be an option to make a word capitalized because I feel that always knowing the first word in a sentence takes away from the learning experience.


Could someone please tell me how you say "vestido"? I mean is the "v" pronounced as a "b"?


V's and B's are almost the same letter in many cultures. It can help you w your accent if you pronounce a V as if it was a B almost. Rs and Ls can be like that too. Gs and Ks are other common pairs


I think this might depend. I'm not so familiar, but it seems to me that in Latin America there is somewhat of a difference, but at least in Spain they are 100% the same, like an English B.

Although this is not 100% true either. It's like an English B but not entirely the same. I forget the name for the phenomen, but I believe that in English we often have an outward puff of air with letters like B and P that does not happen in Spanish.


From what i can see so far, the suffix "-ido/a" means "large", with "vestido" meaning something like "large vest"? In the same vein, "-eto/a" seems to mean "small", with "cemiseta" meaning "small shirt". Am I right in this assumption?


I hear "un bestizo".


I accidently typoed dress as "vestidi" and i was correct?


Because dress is supposed feminine, I'm a little confused


Why am I hearing vestizo?


No escucho una chota, arreglenlo ya.

[deactivated user]

    Why is "vestido" masculine and "falda" seminine ?


    Masculine words end in "o" Feminine words end in "a" but not ALL are like that.


    I need help on Un vestido I spell a lot of things good so I put A dress and it said bad help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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