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Tried ordering from a German seller and received this email

The title explains what happened, can anyone help translate what it says? ( as my German isn't advanced enough to read it all myself ) :

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June 13, 2018



Many China sellers have registered on ebay Germany and are announcing their stuff even for DE/EU ebay ship filters.

And many Germans are pretty much pi..ed about how abroad sellers handle their shipping promises.

So this e-mail was written to you (in acceptable German) that they request from you, to not contact them before any e.g minimum ~30-45 or 60 days shipping period.

No real German seller does this like that!!!

German stores have a shipping estimation of 2-3/5 or max 7 days (if the product is available in store), not ~30/45/60 days.

I have personally suggested you these numbers, not the seller in his text.

Basically what you need to do is to find out, what the max (promised) shipping time in Paypal is allowed, before you open a "Käuferschutz" because the China seller maybe does not ship in time.

I am not sure if Paypal is 45-60 days or has been extended to 180 days (6 months).
You really have to handle any Paypal problems (open a dispute), BEFORE you run out of the max. allowed time!

BTW: Same can happen to you on the http://www.amazon.de market place, where MANY China sellers have signed up, take your money but do not ship!
Watch out where you buy your products from!

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I never have problems with Amazon in the States, but if items are coming from China; and not Amazon itself; they can be notoriously slow. I make sure it is in stock in country with a foreign seller. Are you in Germany? I do not buy on EBay as usually I can find a better, cheaper product at Amazon. Good luck.

P.S. PayPal shouldn't take any longer than a regular credit card to go through. Sometimes I have to use PayPal so I know.


The interesting question is, what is the shipping time for this offer? 3 days, maximum a week and everything would be normal and reasonable; more than two or three weeks and I'd say it's rather fishy (assuming that they are shipping on the continent. From DE to the US could take longer, of course). As far as I can see the shipping time is not mentioned here.

To me the German seems very authentic, no way that it's automatically translated like the offers of most of the china sellers. There is even a typo with a z instead of a t, which you would make on a German qwertz keyboard. There is also no link visible, so it's unlikely to be a phishing mail.

Just my 2 cents. I've often bought stuff from traders with similar texts and never had a real problem.


This could well be a phishing mail: it's full of spelling mistakes and has odd style. Do not click on any link!

If the author is just bad at writing: you are asked not to contact them before the estimated delivery time has passed as that would only prolong things.


Thanks, I was also worried it could've been a phishing e-mail of some sort.


Not all guys on eBay are very professional, so some typos can be normal. If you paid already via Paypal, you don't have to do anything; if you chose bank transfer, they want you to transfer to the given account. Nothing unusual.



Stay away! As others said, this either is some sort of scam / fraud, or the seller is extremely uneducated and/or careless. To me, this one stinks to high heaven.

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Yes, spelling is often a dead give-a-way (a thing that makes an inadvertent revelation - for you English learners).

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Fabfifties - You can tell if it is a scam if the email address after the @ sign isn't "@ebay.com". If it has any other letters/numbers and gobbledygook in the email address, it is a fake.


Not so easy.
EVERY "from:" address can be faked and just entered.

E-mail servers (MTAs) usually do not check the from address and authenticate against it.

There may be additional IP and domain checks and if a server is valid to send out specific mails (right now I can not remember the exact name of these MTA checks), but usually these are just addon informatinos and almost no server denys in receiving mails even with wrong from domains and non-matching server IPs.

If you want, I can send YOU an e-mail with your own FROM address :-)
No problem at all, if you own your own MTA and your provider does not provide additional mail domain DNS checks for inbound / receiving mails.

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Thanks Thomas, so far it has worked for me with other businesses. They often tell you to check the email address. But there are really sneaky people out there.


Yeah, email was designed in a far-off time when computers on the internet didn't need passwords...


True. But those scammers that go to the lengths of manipulating the email address usually take more care with their language as well.

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