Finally... I am very glad to finish the Hindi-English tree in 4 days and within a week of its release. Ye. :)

April 27, 2014

12 टिप्पणियाँ

Congratulations AshKnth! That is a fantastic achievement! Enjoy 25 lingots / मणि from our team!

While doing so, you have also provided us with very useful suggestions and based on your discussion posts, we know that you have provided us top quality feedback, thereby helping us refine the course content!

Please do share what has worked for you including the tools you might have used to enter Devanagari input. Based on the posted user comments, we get a sense that some of the beta users are having difficulty in typing in Devanagari - the script that is the heart and soul of our beautiful Hindi language!

Well I use Google Hindi Input for my Android. It has simple split keyboard and a quick language switch-over key. It is good in predicting what I want to type and also provides some suggestions for similar words. Although easy to install and use, one has to change "Default Keyboard" to " Hindi Transliteration", in "Keyboard settings" (Settings -> Language and input -> keyboard settings).

Here is the link for Android App-,d.bmk

Thanks, AshKnth. I am re-posting your link with improved clickability :)

Yeah. it definitely needed that improvement...

Alternatively, search for Google Hindi Input in play store.

Something else


Great job! Congratulations AshKnth! :)

That's amazing, congratulations! :) I hope the English-Thai course would also be lucky enough to have beta-testers as dedicated/motivated and helpful as you! :)

Thanks. Praer, the course will definitely get some highly devoted beta testers and many of them would have started having an eye on the release date... :)

awww, thanks AshKnth! :) in Thai we say "สมพรปาก" (som pon paag), which means "may your blessings come true" :)

Awesome job AshKnth!

Wow! Congratulations.

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