Lessons much tooooooo long

Has anybody the same impression like me? With the new system, the lectures take not "only five minutes", but much longer (when you do them in a way that you learn something, i.e., writing the words in your vocabulary etc. It is demotivating and I think about to stop working with duolingo. O.k., it is free and it is up to me to use it, but is it still in the original intention? Spending "only five minutes" and learn a new language?

June 13, 2018

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I do agree. Every time I do an exercise it feels like Im doing homework.

And like there are only like lets say 7 different sentences on ""level 2""(norwegian), its so repetitive and boring as hell

June 14, 2018

Hi Cornelia,

how many questions do you get per session / lesson? 20?

I got 20 the last time when I did a "skill test-out" on some converted skills of my updated EN-PT tree...however, I have not yet counted "normal practice" in "crown sessions".
Why would you want to trust marketing slogans like "Spending "only five minutes" and learn a new language"? ;)

It is the same if a vendor writes in a magazine "Our Product X: The (very) best RC transmitter in the world!"

Those marketing staff and agencies are IMHO just playing b.lls..t bingo :-) :-)

Those 5 min. numbers very much collidate with the 575-600 hour classroom suggestion from FSI for the easy languages:

For your more difficult Russian language, FSI is even estimating about 1100 classroom hours, to be able to reach a "speaking and reading proficiency" level.

How long do you personally plan to "learn" this language? 36 years? ;)

1100h * 60 / 5 / 365 = 36 years

Shouldn't you try at least to do 30-60 mins.?

I think 3-6 hours / day would be much better as the minimum (mixed content challenges: vocabularly flashcard applications (Memrise, AnkiSRS, SuperMemo, etc.) + grammar + listening + reading + chatting / writing ) to really push forward if you start a language from scratch...

June 13, 2018

Who on earth has 3-6 hours/day to spend on learning one single language? Have you got nothing else to do? I think the aim which a normal person can reach is 30-60 minutes/day.

June 13, 2018

Don't give up. duolingo is 1 of the only websites that teaches almost every language.

June 14, 2018

my daily goal is at 30 xp and near the end of the tree it takes me about three to four hours a day (I'm not native in English). it is really to much time consuming and as for me it is demotivating. also a simple calculation shows, that way, the second half of the course will take me at least four hundred days or far more than a thousand hours. it is horrible. perhaps duolingo French course is too ambitious for me and it is time me to give up.

June 14, 2018

I've noticed that the Tips and Notes in the French course are SUPER good, and it takes me some time to digest them.

I've noticed that at the higher crown levels the sentences are sometimes longer and the multiple choice is sometimes trickier - and that this occasionally creeps into the lower levels too, but I have faith that they are working on the algorithms that differentiate the levels.

I think at crown levels one and two, however, the content is exactly the same as it always has been, as is the presentation. Still word banks, type what you hear, translate to your native language, multiple choice, what is this a picture of... and there are still 20 questions in a lesson, and not too many lessons in a skill (2 - 10).

Perhaps what you're seeing is increasing difficulty and complexity as a result of being further along in the course. I know that Spanish hits a point about 2/3 through the course where it gets crazy hard, as all the different verb tenses are introduced one right after the other, but then it eases up again.

June 13, 2018
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