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"SoSma' 'e'nalpu' chaH 'IrneHnalma''e' me'nalma''e' je."

Translation:Our mother's sister's husband and our mother's brother's wife are our mother's in-laws.

June 13, 2018



It seems the word bank for this sentence is too big for my screen, and I couldn't see all the needed words. For example, sometimes I couldn't see "brother" anywhere. If it hadn't been for the option to use keyboard, I wouldn't have been able to complete it at all. Might be a good idea to keep that in mind when giving such long sentences.


Interesting, so the topic marker gets added to both nouns in a conjunction {nounX'e' nounY'e' je}.

(I would have expected {nounX nounY je'e'}, although I'm not sure why--possibly something do to with seeing the topic marker on the adjective in {noun adjective'e'}?)


How can your mother's sister's husband be a mother in law?


It's not "mother-in-laws" or "mothers-in-law" but "mother's in-laws", i.e. in-laws who belongs to your mother.


The sentence was too unnecessarily complicated for me to notice... Besides, in English we wouldn't say they were her in-laws. We'd day that her husband's family are her in-laws. This is just a poor example trying to demonstrate unneeded complexity.


I, too, was originally really frustrated with this and similar sentences. I did some fluency drills with the vocab (and used the handy chart one of the mods shared in another comment thread) and I'm really at ease with sentences like this now. These examples do a good job of illustrating the maternal/paternal differences - they help more than they initially seem to. You'll get there! Keep practicing!


Actually, one's mother's siblings' spouses are also her in-laws; that doesn't apply only to her husband's family. If your sister gets married, is her husband not your brother-in-law, rather than your brother?

It's true that this is a very complex sentence, in English at least, and it threw me the first time I ran into it, too. But it's actually both very challenging and very useful to be able to translate both ways (English to Klingon and vice versa) in the long run. Just be glad Marc Okrand didn't decide to add extra terms for elder and younger aunts and uncles and their spouses, too, as some natural (Earth) languages do! :)


My eyes are bleeding from this!


This was just cruel!


I think this is overly complicated


Family relations are just as complicated in English or any other language but they are terms we do have to use sometimes. I remember them by associating the Klingon terms with my own family members.

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