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  5. "O kom to říká?"

"O kom to říká?"

Translation:Who is he saying that about?

June 13, 2018



This is a quite unfamiliar constructed English sentence to me. I would have written instead "About whom does he say that?" or "He is saying that about whom?" or "Who is the one, he is saying that about?"


As a native speaker of US English, I'd pick "Who is he saying that about" as the MOST frequently used version, at least in the US! Not the most -- and probably the least -- grammatically correct option, but definitely the most used. :-)


This is a dumb question but, is there a Tips and Notes page for this "loc/topics" section? I dont really get this new case


No, the Tips and notes for this skill do not exist (yet).


There is a nice section in Wikipedia about Czech language locative. It was long, but very useful.


He says that about whom was not accepted.


I have added this and similar variants., consistent with other exercises.

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