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"What did you do last weekend?"

Translation:¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana pasado?

June 13, 2018



Pasado? Does that go with "el fin" here, because I thought it was "semana pasada".


"el fin" is the noun being modified. "de semana" is a prepositional phrase that also modifies "el fin."


Except that it is about the last week, not the last end. I agree it should be pasado, but not that it is logical.


No, it's about last weekend, not last week.


It is not about "weekend" as much as it is about fin and semana. Those are two words in Spanish, not the single word weekend as in English.

So what does pasado modify - fin or semana?

Logically, pasado should be modifying semana. The literal translation is "the end of last week". Last modifies week. If it was modifying fin, then we are talking about the last end, which makes no sense because a week has only one end.

I agree it should be pasado, as already stated, because that is how it is said in Spanish. But I don't agree that it is logical.

I believe that "el fin de semana" is taken as a single phrase. It is masculine or sounds masculine because of the el, and that justifies "pasado". So in that sense you are right, "last weekend" = el_fin_de_semana as a single phrase.

However, I believe "El fin de la semana pasada" is also correct. Pasada turns feminine because of the la.

We have issues with compound expressions in English too, like figuring out the plural of attorney general and passer-by and such. How about cupsful vs cupfuls?


EdNed, you are right that fin de semana is a compound term, and it takes the gender of the main noun, i.e. the one that is not the object of a preposition.

"El fin de la semana pasada" is grammatically correct, but as awkward as saying "last week's end" in English. If I heard that, I would assume they were asking about last Sunday evening —or even Friday afternoon, for the end of the workweek—, and not the whole weekend.


Correct...but i tried Google translation its answer was "que hiliste el fin de samana " it didn't say pasada


Agree! Not logical, confusing!


A native speaker would know what you meant, but it would sound awkward.


What would you say instead?


"Que hiciste el pasado fin de semana?" What is wrong with this?


Nothing, that was my answer too and it was correct


Me too! So it is right?


"Que hiciste VOS el fin de semana pasado" - that is what was given to me as a right answer. Where did that VOS come from and what does it mean? I have no idea! I had put: Que hiciste en el fin de semana pasado


Some countries like Argentina say vos instead of tú. They also say sos instead of eres. Vos sos intelegente


Why can't I just say "que hiciste el fin de semana" when hiciste has already established that the question refers to the past. In English, we would also say "what did you do on the weekend."


It may be that the word "passado" is an adjective. An adjective would be placed after the noun "fin de semana" that it refers to.


It may be that the word "passado" is an adjective. An adjective would be placed after the noun "fin de semana" that it refers to.

Pasado, not passado. It can precede or follow the noun. El pasado fin de semana. El fin de semana pasado. Both are correct.


Why is it wrong to say "el fin de LA semana pasado?"


Should be "la semana pasada".

Please read the discussion.


Why isn't "el fin de semana pasada" no accepted? ? ?


Because "pasado" modifies "el fin," not "semana," and therefore needs to be masculine. Tricky tricky.

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