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  5. "He loves playing the guitar."

"He loves playing the guitar."

Translation:A él le encanta tocar la guitarra.

June 13, 2018



Can someone please explain the "a el le" to me. Wouldn't saying El encanta mean the same thing?


Encantar uses an indirect object pronoun in front of it. In this sentence it's le which can mean "him, her, it, or usted".
To clarify that it's "he" who loves playing, the "a él" is added. The "le" is still used, but now you can consider it untranslated.
She loves... A ella le encanta
You (formal) love... A usted le encanta
My dog loves... A mi perro le encanta


Thanks for the explanation---I have been struggling with this.


The easiest way to remember the usage of this verb is to think of the English verb, "enchant". Using "enchant", the translation is much more word-for-word: "

It enchants him to play the guitar.

Now you can see that the act of "it", the act of playing the guitar is the subject for the verb encantar, and that is why the correct form is encanta. The subject comes after the verb in this sentence. The object of the sentence is "him", and that is why it is "a él le".


But wouldn't someone you were talking to "KNOW" what you mean?


in most cases, yes, but you might end up constucting a sentence like

"He likes to go to the beach, but she likes to go to the park", which (if i'm right) would translate to

"A él le gusta ir a la playa, pero a ella le gusta ir al parque"

without the "a él" and "a ella", the sentence would be very ambiguous.


Thanks. Been stuck on that for a while now. But what bout when its "a mi me encanta" n stuff like that? Why is the a mi there


why tocar vs jugar? I thought Tocar means to touch while Jugar means to play.


"Tocar" means to play an instrument, while "jugar" means to play.


Tocar literally translates to "to touch" in english, but is taken idiomatically to mean to play an instrument. As you must touch a piano or guitar to play it. Jugar means to play directly, wich connotes having fun, rather than expressing an art.


In this sentence using tocar they don’t follow with a la guitarra. In a previous sentence using jugar they do use al tennis. What the heck is the difference?

As far as the word tocar it has two meanings: to touch and to play. I think that if you are referring to playing a musical instrument, you use tocar.


Tocar literally translates to "to touch" in english, but is taken idiomatically to mean to play. As you must touch a piano or guitar to play it. I dont know why the grammar is different though.


Can someone explain me why I got this wrong. I wrote 'A le encanta tocar la guitarra. Said that is was wrong.. I was told i family 3 that for instance that nosotros nos encanta tocar la guitarra was wrong.. Why


It's wrong because you forgot the "él".

The "a él" segment is to clarify who the "le" is referring to, since it can refer to he, she, it, or formal you. So, you would need to say: "A él le encanta tocar la guitarra".

Your second sentence would have to be "A nosotros nos encanta tocar la guitarra".


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Why is encanta not correct as well?


Porque no acepta 'a el le gusta tocar la guitarra'?


gusta = like; encanta = love


Whats the term of adding an "a" when involving people? I want to look it up. Also, you add an "a" with the verbs conocer and gustar. What other verbs do you usually add an "a" t


how are we supposed to know this is a personal question


Why isnt jugar accepted? We were taught that means to play!


"Le encanta tocar la guitarra" is correct and accepted; so why should I use this confusing grammatical structure: "A él le encanta tocar la guitarra"


When do we use "a el le encanta" or simply "le encanta"?


What is the differencw between jugar and tocar?


Thank you marcy


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