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"Hay mucha ropa encima de la cama."

Translation:There are a lot of clothes on top of the bed.

June 13, 2018



I said that there are a lot of clothes on the bed and I got it wrong. Does it matter whether you say ' on top of the bed' or 'on the bed'


Both "on top of the bed" and "on the bed" should be fine.


I agree that "on the bed" seems reasonable, but

encima de la cama = "on top of the bed"
en la cama = "on the bed"

Including "top of" seems unnecessarily redundant, but it does more accurately reflect the Spanish wording.


Exactly. have a lingnot for saving me some typing of a reply. besides you said it better than I!!


Don't forget about sobre


I just put on the bed and it passed OK


still not accepted. I will never say that sentence in English as they have it and translation should force word for word if the English version is wrong


what is the difference between encima and sobre


There's no difference when you're talking about the location of something. Note, though, that encima is an adverb, so you need "encima de" in front of a noun. Sobre is a preposition already, so there won't be a de.


Did you also report that your answer should have been accepted? In English, we would assume that "on the bed" means "on top of the bed".


The correction I received was "There is a lot of clothing on the bed." Clothing is considered a singular noun but clothes is plural.

"There are a lot of clothes on the bed" is accepted as of June 2018. "There are lots of clothes on the bed" should be accepted also.


I wrote, "There is a lot of clothing on the bed." and got it wrong. I reported it.


Dont worry with clothing or clothes. Lot is the subject.


I just wrote, "There are a lot of clothes on top of the bed," and was counted wrong. I read it over and over to see where I went wrong, but letter for letter and word for word it is exactly as written above. When I tried to report it, none of the options allowed for what I needed to report.


ChrisScafe, This is odd, because "There are a lot of clothes on top of the bed" is the only answer duo gave me as a correct translation.


Yes. I've been doing DL for over a year and that's the first time I had that happen. I figured it was some sort of fluke in the programming and I was unable to report it. At the time I was testing out of level one for that section.


"There are a lot of clothes on the bed." Accepted late August 2018


Is a lot. Lot is singular. It’s a LOT of clothes. Like Pot is singular if you said there’s a Pot of turnips on the stove. It would sound a tad off to say "there are a pot of turnips on the stove". Oh yea, I got by with "on the bed" also. You just never know with Duolingo.

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No. In translating from the Spanish "mucho," the only sense of "a lot of" is as an adjective (or, technically, adjectival phrase) meaning many. One could buy a lot of clothes (as in lot number 23) at an auction and "lot" in that case would be a noun.


Mike209223 is correcting JimHemsley1 on his English grammar, not commenting on the original Spanish sentence or on how well he has translated from it.

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My point is that "lot" is not singular or plural in its usage in the English sentence. The only way for it to be singular is when using it as a noun (as in "lot" for "lot number 23"). In the English sentence given by JimHemsley1, "a lot of" is an adjectival phrase indicating the quantity of "clothes" (which is plural).


Maybe Duolingo is using this opportunity to teach us a new word. Welcome it, my friends.


A hint.....no way.


there wasn't a "the" on my answer choices


Many and a lit of are synonyms. My answer should be accepted


i put "on top the bed" and it was marked wrong althoug "of" is redundant in English.


If you're talking about the top of a specific thing in English, it doesn't work without the "of".

  • entry for "on top" - Look at the example sentences and see that there's no noun that the "on top" refers to right after it.
  • entry for "on top of".


To me this sounds more like British English. Americans would never say "on top the bed". Also there is the out-dated phrase "atop the bed"


Wht can't I say many instead of a lot?


If you use "clothes", you can also say "many clothes".


Ah yes, because some savages keep clothes under the bed


What's the difference between encima and sobre?


Mizz, there isn't really a difference in meaning, but note that encima is an adverb, so you have to use it with de when using it with a noun. Sobre is a preposition, so you can attach it directly: "sobre la cama" - "on the bed".


DL please fix this. "There are a lot of clothes on of the bed" should be accepted.


Alec, your sentence is either missing a word ("on top of the bed") or has one word too much ("on the bed").


"There are a lot of clothes above the bed". Not accepted. Reported 1/13/20.


In English, when we say on top of the bed or on the bed, we mean that whatever we are talking about is physically touching and supported by the bed.

If something is above the bed, it is not touching the bed. It is either floating or supported by a wall or ceiling.


I was presented with "Type what you hear." All the other commentators here apparently got the sentence to translate. My response was wrong for misspelling "hay".


I submitted "on tip of the bed" instead of "on top of the bed" tsk

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