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  5. "Wir mieten eine Wohnung."

"Wir mieten eine Wohnung."

Translation:We are renting an apartment.

April 27, 2014



So wohnung does only refer to apartment? In Dutch (my native language) the similar word "woning " could refer to both a house and an apartment. Therefore I am wondering whether it is just uncommon to refer to a house as "die Wohnung " or if it is simply incorrect.


Same question!


How would be in German "we are renting out the apartment" and "the apartment is for rent"?


As far as I know "wir vermieten die Wohnung". It works kind of like "kaufen" = "to buy"; "verkaufen" = "to sell".


why when I put in the above translation does it say I am wrong

[deactivated user]

    A spelling mistake most likely.


    I presume the sentence is about renting. Thus one would use 'place' as Wohnung means also an accommodation. Not accepted; I m not sure... would We are renting a place fit?


    Does "place" necessarily mean a "flat" or "apartment" or couold it also refer to a "house"?


    Place could refer to a house, and university students in some areas might say "you have a nice place!" and mean a single hallway in a dormitory, or even a single room. So "we're renting a place" makes sense in English, but it's more general than Wohnung.


    My dictionary says that 'Wohnung' means 'dwelling'.

    [deactivated user]

      It's a meaning, but commonly die Wohnung means flat or apartment.


      "A condo" should be accepted.

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