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  5. "You don't have to worry."

"You don't have to worry."

Translation:Ustedes no tienen que preocuparse.

June 13, 2018


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No tienes que preocuparse should be accepted.

August 1, 2019


If you change it to "preocuparTE" then yes. Remember that if you use tienes (tú form) you have to use te and if you use tiene (Ud. form) you have to use se

September 17, 2019


What about tu no tienes que preocupar?

November 10, 2018


It is either:

  • (Tú) No tienes que preocuparte

  • (Tú) No te tienes que preocupar.

Preocuparse is a reflexive verb so the reflexive pronoun (se) is used as part of the verb and needs to be conjugated as well (in this case, te).

November 22, 2018


what about, "no tenéis que preocuparos"

June 13, 2018


It is absolutely correct, but vosotros is not used in Latin America, and this course is based on Mexican Spanish so maybe Duo hasn't implemented that answer.

November 22, 2018
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