"Ο χρυσός και το μάρμαρο" - A poem by Ioannis Polemis

Okay, so this is a poem my mother used to tell me when I was a kid. I though you might find it interesting so I will share it with you. I did my best to translate but I had to change a few words in the translation because it wouldn't make sense otherwise. It is an old dialect and a few things cannot be translated exactly:

Λέγει ο χρυσός στο μάρμαρο : (The gold says to the marble:)

Στα πέρατα του κόσμου ποιος ήλιος λάμπει ωσάν εμέ, ποιο φως έχει το φως μου;

(In the whole world what sun shines like me, what light does my light have?)

Εγώ τον κόσμο κυβερνώ, την ευτυχία υφαίνω, ποδοπατώ την εμορφιά, την ασχημιά ομορφαίνω.

(I rule the world, happiness I weave. I trample the beauty, the ugly Ι make beautiful.)

Εγώ οδηγώ στα σκοτεινά του κλέφτη μου το χέρι, εγώ ακονίζω του φονιά το δίκοπο μαχαίρι.

(I drive in the dark the thief's hand, I sharpen the killer's double-edged blade.)

Εγώ αγοράζω την τιμή και την πουλώ στο δρόμο, εγώ νικώ την αρετή, καταπατώ τον νόμο.

(I buy the honor and sell it on the street, I defeat the virtue, break the law.)

Περίσσες είν΄ οι χάρες μου, κ΄ η δύναμή μου μόνη κρεμνίζει θρόνους απ΄ εδώ, θρόνους εκεί στηλώνει... (My favors are too many, and my power alone thrones destroyes here and thrones builds elsewhere.)

Εσύ τι κάνεις, μάρμαρο;

(What do you do marble?)

Και τ΄ απαντάει εκείνο :

(And it answers:)

Εγώ σε τάφου σκοτεινιά την δύναμή σου κλείνω.

(I in grave's dark, your power bury/enclose.)

I think the meaning behind it is quite interesting. The poem was written by Ιωάννης Πολέμης (Ioannis Polemis) and was published in a book called "Ημερολόγιον Σκόκου, τόμος 15 (volume 15)"

June 13, 2018

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Beautiful,powerful,concise and relevant. I had forgotten about this poem, thank you for the reminder!

June 13, 2018

Wonderfull poem!!! In a phrase the marbre tell us the vanity(ματαιότητα) of the life...Bravo in your mother... She is a real educator

June 14, 2018

    Excellent post, thank you very much!

    June 14, 2018

    Possession bear no value when you run short of life...Thank you...the nicest posting i have found in this forum!

    June 14, 2018
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