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"Nunca más comeremos en ese lugar."

Translation:We will never eat at that place again.

March 25, 2013



Doesn't 'never again' have the same meaning as 'never more'?


Yep. Nunca más is the Spanish version of "never again." As in, "Nunca más me tomaré tantos traguitos."

"Nevermore" is viable in English but of course sounds old fashioned and reeks of ravens :)


Little anglo in-joke there, let the others figure it out, je, je.


It rejected "never more will we eat in that place". Reported 14 April 2018.


I wrote the same, I looked thro dictionaries to find a different meaning for mas but only gave me more which didn't sound so good. It seems that Nunca mas together changes it to never again. could someone confirm that?


''never more shall we eat in that place'' was declared wrong. There is nothing wrong with it. ''More'' means ''again'' in this phrase.


You know when you touch a word and two or three suggestions drop down, well again was not even mentioned , but anymore was. But they marked it wrong anyway. How do these people decide what's right? A flippin' ouija board. Oh well, their app, their rules.....

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