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"She does not have a cell phone."

Translation:Ella no tiene un celular.

June 13, 2018



''teléfono celular'' is perfectly good spanish for ''cell phone''. Wake up Duolingo....


but we never use it, we say just celular or in spain móvil


Is it acceptable to drop "un" from this sentence?


Please, why is it not ella no tienes un celular. I thought have is tienes


In Spanish, the form of the verb has to reflect the person who does the action. That concept is called "conjugation". The form tienes only goes with the person , so tienes only means "you have". Ella needs the form tiene.


Could someone explain to me about which words should have un and una ?

Is it something like in English we use an for words starting with vowels and a for words starting with consonants?


Artsy, whether you use un or una as an article depends on the grammatical gender of the noun you want to describe. A Spanish noun has one of two genders - either masculine or feminine, and any articles and adjectives have to agree with that gender. Celular is a masculine noun, so the masculine article un is used with it. Una is the feminine article, so it would be used with a feminine noun, like "una mesa", "a table".


thanks a lot Ryagon :D


So ella is it pronounced a-ya or a-ja? I've heard it both ways


Depends on where you are. In most of the Spanish-speaking worldthe digraph 'll' is pronounced like the English 'y'. But in some parts of America, especially in the southern cone, it's pronounced closer to an English 'j' (or specifically like the 's' in "treasure").


The only difference between my answer and how Duolingo corrected me was the dot at the end of the sentence, why doesn't Duolingo accept the answer without it?


Duolingo generally doesn't care about punctuation.


Let's enjoy spanish course it is fun and easy to learn


Is celular not feminine even though it ends with an A? How does one figure that out or are we just supposed to figure it out as we go. I put una celular and it was wrong


Mason, if you look closely, you'll notice that celular ends with 'r', not 'a'. :)

But the real reason why it's masculine is because celular is a short form of "teléfono celular". Celular is an adjective, and teléfono is the masculine noun to which it belongs.


mi respuesta tiene el mismo sentido


Is "movil" right? It didnt accept it but i thought that was an appropriate word.


yes it is, mostly in Spain


I'm curious about the lack of an accent mark on celular, which my mouth insists on accenting on the last syllable :-) I cannot explain.


Why isn't the sentence: Ella hace tiene un celular, acceptable?


Cause in spanish the verb 'to do' is not used to make questions ir negatibe sentences. You just take affirmative sentences and put 'no' before the verb. The same with questions, just take a normal semtemce and put the question marks: ¿sentence?.


Cell is also accepted which in the answer duo showed as cel. So i take it that cel is also valid


In spanish we used have to say tengo and why in this sentence have is tiene


Yo tengo,, tú tienes, él/ella tiene, usted tiene, nosotros tenemos, ustedes tienen, ellos/ellas tienen. https://www.conjugacion.es/del/verbo/tener.php Subects change depending of the region, but not big differences.


I don't have a problem with this sentence but duo the bird listens to a song when loading the lesson of which we don't hear ...lol


it marked "Ella no tiene un telefono movil" tooooo


What kind of mark?


Yo se español perros


What about "teléfono de celular"? It doesn't accept, is it wrong?


It's wrong. Celular is an adjective, and they don't get prepositions.


Why is there a problem with my distinction of what kind of phone?


Unless you tell us what you've written, we have no way to help you.


Ella no tiene telefono de cellular. Thanks for your help.


Ah, alright. Celular is an adjective, and adjectives get placed right behind the noun, without any preposition. Also, if you modify the noun that "someone has" with an adjective or a relative clause, it's better to include the indefinite article:

Ella no tiene un teléfono celular.


I did the same exact correct answer and it told me wrong answer!!!

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