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"¿Por qué no viajaste conmigo?"

Translation:Why didn't you travel with me?

June 13, 2018



This strikes me as one of the bleakest sentences that could be written/spoken in any language. "Why didn't you travel with me?" sounds like an ex-spouse or ex-lover plaintively asking — years after the agonizing breakup — how the other person could have been so heartless by not going on the surprise trip she/he had spent months planning. I see the two people sitting in a coffee shop while rain streams down the window outside. One of them has their head in their hands; the other is just sort of dead inside.

Sorry to be such a downer, but I laughed when I read it and apparently needed to riff. (lol) Thanks, Duo!


why not .... Why don't you trave with me?


because "viajaste" is past tense while your sentence implies sthg that is yet to happen.


My response matches the answer, but is marked incorrect


Next time this happens, cut/paste your answer into the forum so someone can find the error.


same here. Why didn't you travel with me?


Didn't and did not aught to mean the same


Well, this is awkward...

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