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"Sí, yo quiero beber más agua."

Translation:Yes, I want to drink more water.

June 13, 2018



I've been told by all my spanish teachers in high school that the infinitive associated with drinking water is tomar, but all the other beverages get beber. Are there any other spanish speaker out there that can confirm/debunk this as I know sometimes they are used interchangeably here.


It's complicated. In Spain, to drink is beber. Period. Tomar can be to have, referring both to liquids and to solids. So, you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks: ¿Qué van a tomar? He's not only asking about drinks but also about food. In American Spanish though tomar can be a good translation for drinking.


She gives the correct conjugation for vosotros and then says that you can use the conjugation for ustedes with it, but that is perhaps in Mexico, because in Spain you cannot do that. She gives the correct conjugation for vos for beber but not correct for tomar. She seems nice, but it is easier to say "tomar" is like "to have" or "to take", because it can be used with medicine and food as well as drinks. In Mexico, "beber" is used more with alcoholic drinks.


Ok, so I put 'I want more water', and it marked it wrong. Is the 'to have' really necessary?


What to have?

Sí yo quiero beber más agua - Yes, I want to drink more water:

Sí - yes

yo quiero - I want

beber - to drink

más agua - more water.


Or, "I want more water to drink."?


That is not exactly the same meaning though it is close. Wouldn’t that be “Yo quiero más agua para beber.”


Same thing happened to me.


Yes, you cannot ignore translating the verb “beber” which is “to drink.”


Is this the polite way of saying "I would like" more water? In English, we tend to avoid saying "I want" this or that. Is that also true in Spanish?


Is v pronounced as b and vice versa?


Thanks. Seems the sound alternates with each use. In vivir, sometimes the first v sounds like a b and the second sounds like a b. SCARY, I tried to type a v at the end of the previous sentence and when I hit the period the v turned to a b. Twilight zone?


I was marked wrong for answering 'sí, quiero beber más agua' but I understand that 'yo' is not necessary here?


Try reporting it as also correct.

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