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  5. "¿Qué deporte te gusta?"

"¿Qué deporte te gusta?"

Translation:What sport do you like?

June 13, 2018

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Regardless of whether or not this is singular or plural in Spanish, in English we would more likely ask "what sports do you like?". Probably the only scenario where we would ask "what sport do you like" is if the person asking had already asked if the listener liked other sports and the answer was no. Perhaps then we would single out a single sport, as in "OK, Well then, what sport DO you like?"


I agree. In English you'd be much more likely to say "sports".


I put sports and it said it was wrong. But sportS makes more sence anyway.


True, but that's a reasonable situation. Like if you have to choose a sport to play, or watch, etc... But I agree, in the abstract, you'd ask what (or which) sports do you like?


I guess we just need to focus that its Spanish we are all learning, regardless of how we say it in English, its how it's said in Spanish that matters, frustrating I know but hey as you say, "What sport do you like" it is lol


I think this may only be true in American English. In Australia, you would be just as likely to say "what sport do you like?" even if you hadn't already established context like in your example.


No. "What sport do you like?" is a valid question and different from "What sports do you like?"

You could be asking it to a kid in school: "What sport do you like [to play]?" You're asking them to pick one.


should this not be cual?


"¿Qué?" and "¿Cuál?" can both mean 'what?' and "¿Cuál?" is also used to express 'which?'.

The main difference is that "¿qué?" can be followed by a noun or a verb but "¿cuál? can only be followed by a verb or the preposition "de".


Ty this is explains mucho


I struggle with this too. Check this out, it was very helpful to me:



Have a lingot. What I am getting from this and other sources is ... if i were to be choosing from a list of sports presented to me, I could use cual; if just asked directly with no context, I would use que. phew!


If you ask "What [noun]...?" or "Which [noun]...?", you should always use "¿Qué [noun]...?"

Using cuál in these situations sounds odd.


No, when used as an adjective, qué is the one you should use, cuál is not very much used as an adjective and would sound more like an Anglicism to many.



To quote from the website above:

When the question implies a choice between two or more alternatives and conveys the idea of selection, ¿Cuál + verb/preposition? or ¿Qué + noun? can be used.

Also, "qué" is not a Spanish adjective. "Qué" is a Spanish relative pronoun.


I think when used in the form "Qué casa preferes" then this is an interrogative adjective. When used in " la casa que preferes" it's a relative pronoun".



Yes, you are correct.


When my mouse hovered over "deporte" it gave the translation as sport OR sports, so I typed sports, because that seemed like the more correct translation. It counted that wrong?! When the translation you provided said it could be sports?!


"Sport" is mostly used when you're talking about one specific activity. "Sports" is usually used when you're talking about the general concept (or multiple specific activities). Since the Spanish sentence asks about one specific sport, the singular form is used.

  • ¿Que deporte te gusta? - What sport do you like?
  • Mi asignatura favorita es el deporte. - My favourite subject is sports.


I'm not arguing that point per se - I'm baffled as to how the program can give you both the singular & plural on the hover-hint, but only accept one; ESPECIALLY when "what sports do you like?" is the much more correct-sounding phrasing in English.


That's not how the hints work. They work like a dictionary. Just because the definition/translation exists does not mean it's appropriate in this situation.


My reaction exactly!


why te and not le???


Le is also possible if you ask an usted person.

Te is the indirect object pronoun for , and le is the indirect object pronoun for él, ella, and usted.


Why not "gustas?" How is "usted" implied in this sentence?


Nothing to do with tu/usted ; In spanish one does not like things; they please you. In this case the thing doing the pleasing (gusta) is singular


Well said! This point causes so much confusion because (as far as I recall) Duolingo does not give this simple and correct explanation.


What's wrong with 'which sport(s)...'?


Nothing wrong with that.


Very difficult for me to understand her voice


It would be nice to hear if she is saying "Que deporte" or "Que deportes". I will continue to make my best guess.


In this sentence you can deduct the plurality from the verb form. Deporte uses the singular gusta. The plural deportes would use gustan.


This could have been sport or sports, not just the singular.


Stuart, the Spanish sentence uses the singular deporte, asking about just one sport.


Que can be which AND what . i wrote "which sport do you like" and it is marked wrong WHY


Why no "A" in the beggining? Like when you "A mi madre le gusta..."?


Should have slme flexibility with sport vs sports. Either would work in English


I read it perfectly and it marked me wrong....Damn I hate that


can someone please explain in what context we use te gusta. Is it formal? If so, how do we recognize that fact - say in the above statement. I notice one person did address this question but I didn't get the explanation. Hoping someone else can have a go.


The most common translation of "what" is qué.

Cuál is sometimes used for "what" when implying a choice.


If it was referring to sports would it read cual deportes te gustan? Is this the answer to why the translation isn't sport?


If it was sports, (deportes) would it be cual instead of que?


The same with me not spirt but sports is right i think


Yet another frustrating "error" from me when either sport or sports are correct and given by Duo!


This voice is fine. But the other young voice is very annoying and hard to take seriously. You should either take that voice off or allow us to choose the voice because the other annoying young voice is cringeworthy.


I thought this was going to say "Who do you like to deport" lol.


I am having a problem with "le y te", I dont know which one to use now. im confounded. ayuda yo por favor


Le = "to him / to her"

Te = "to you"

Me = "to me"

It might help to think of gustar to mean "to please". That means:

Te gusta = it is pleasing to you = you like it

Le gusta = it is pleasing to him/her = he/she likes it

Me gusta = it is pleasing to me = I like it


Another point to consider: 'Te" goes with "tú"; "le" goes with "usted". So if we were to use the full forms of the phrase for clarity you would use:

"A usted le gusta" = you (formal) like it


"a ti te gusta" = you (informal) like it


Sports is always plural. +I'm trying to learn Spanish, not English. A bit more tolerance would be in it's place....


That's not true. Sport, singular, exists and is used often.

Hockey is a dangerous sport.

My daughter plays two sports, but my son plays only one sport.

Soccer is a sport played with the feet.

In the US, football is a sport played with the hands.


Es verdad, pero -- does Spanish use sport/sports in the same way that English does? I know they're different languages and direct translation is not always possible, but... For example, in an earlier exercise, they wanted the "sports" in "Julia loves sports" to be translated "deporte," with no definite article. This toppled the fragile Jenga tower that was my grasp of the concept. Or is this one of those things you just have to know? Thanks.

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