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Social German Club! Join us!

Hi everyone! I made this club a few weeks ago and it seemed to take off quite well at first. It seems like now we just need to find some more social and excited members! I try to post small prompts fairly often to keep the interest going.

Only rules: chat occasionally, respond to some of the mini game posts, and have at least 10xp weekly. No need to be crazy active! If you suddenly go totally inactive or never chat, you will likely be removed.

Code is here: 9H6Y9B

Bis bald!

June 13, 2018



I’ve joined the club. One suggestion. I’m in an Italian club which is very active and one of the things that really helps is that the club includes a handful of native italian speakers who have volunteered to help all the learners. I wonder if any German speakers would like to join us too.


I would love to have native speakers with us! I just don't know the best way to really get people joining.

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EviPolina - Does one have to be on a mobile (Handy) to join a club?


Yes, clubs are a mobile-only feature. Sadly!

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Leider ja. Das dachte ich mir.

[deactivated user]

    Seems scary!

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