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"Ella se lava el cabello todos los días."

Translation:She washes her hair every day.

June 13, 2018



What is the difference between cabello and pelo?


On another lesson using "cabello" I got an answer to your question.
According to this native Spanish speaker, "cabello" is used for the hair on one's scalp and only for humans. "Vello" is hair on the rest of a person's body including one's chin. "Pelo" is used for hair of any kind and on anywhere including animal fur.


I hope a native Spanish speaker answers your question because I was wondering the same thing.


Could you also say, "Ella lavarse su cabello..."?


"Lavarse" is the infinitive form of the verb. If you wanted to use "lavarse" in this form, you would need to include a properly conjugated form of a verb in front of this. For example:

Ella puede lavarse su cabello. She can wash her hair.

Ella no quiere lavarse su cabello. She doesn't want to wash her hair.

Ella va a lavarse su cabello. She is going to wash her hair.

Hope that helps!


Heads up you shouldn't wash your hair every day it's bad for them


Why can't I use "daily"


could i say ella se lava el cabello cada dia?


What was wrong in my answer, i do not understand

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