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"Nos levantamos a las ocho usualmente."

Translation:We get up at eight usually.

3 months ago



usually we get up at 8 is not accepted and is not reportable as an error. Guess they got tired of fixing things. Or maybe they usually dont get up until 9

3 months ago


You got understand that DL is about translating as close to literally as possible. Especially with regards to word order and I'm personally for that. Heres why.

When there are multiple options for the placement of a word in BOTH a Spanish sentence and the matching English, you HAVE to be specific with your answer. I believe there are 3 places to put the word 'usually' here (upfront, just after the verb or at the end as we would in English) so the this straightforward computer program is going to accepted 3 CORRESPONDING answers.

Its only when there is just ONE way to say something in Spanish that I support including all subtle variations.

¡Esto es mi dos centavos!

1 month ago

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"We usually..." was accepted on 8/21.

1 month ago


Should be accepted

3 months ago


"We rise at 8 usually" wasn't accepted. Reported.

2 months ago

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Since "levantamos" translates to "we get up" why is Nos needed? What is the point of being redundant?

1 week ago


The verb is used reflexively, so it literally means "we get ourselves up". See https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/reflexive-verbs-and-reflexive-pronouns

6 days ago


Solemos levantarnos a las ocho / We get up at eight usually.

We used to get up at eight . solíamos levantarnos a las ocho or nos levantábamos a las ocho.

3 months ago

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"We wake up at eight usually" is incorrect?

4 days ago