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  5. "I am thirsty; I need water!"

"I am thirsty; I need water!"

Translation:Ich habe Durst, ich brauche Wasser!

June 13, 2018



When I did this question, I was given three different options, both of the wrong ones of which used the phrase "Ich bin durstig" instead of "Ich habe Durst". Is the phrase "Ich bin durstig" grammatically correct, and can it be used in the same context as "Ich habe Durst"?. Why or why not?


Ich habe Durst and ich bin durstig mean exactly the same thing and can be used interchangeably (as can Ich habe Hunger and ich bin hungrig, By the way). While anecdotal, I may as well point out that I've never heard a German say "ich bin durstig", I've only ever seen it mentioned on learner forums. The only German I've ever asked about "ich bin durstig" said it sounded more formal to him and wouldn't be common in everyday conversation.


I see! So from your experience, "Ich bin durstig" and "Ich habe Durst" are practically the same thing, except "Ich bin durstig" is more formal than the latter?


Durst / Hunger haben = being thirsty / hungry at the moment

durstig / hungrig sein = can mean that it is a permanent / enduring state (but very often it just a synonym to the first)


Why is it "ich benötige Wasser"?


It means I need water


Could “Ich habe Durst, Wasser brauche ich” be a correct translation? I'm asking because in that situation you probably want to emphasize the word “Wasser”...sorry for my English, I'm not native ._.


Is there a difference between ich brauche Wasser vs ich will Wasser...i typed the latter for tge translation " ....i need water"


Ich brauche Wasser = I need water

Ich will Wasser = I want water

you can need something you don't want, and you can want something you don't need, these words are quite different from one another.


Yes I would like to ask the same question...


According to German grammar rules, should the following be accepted?

"Durst habe ich; Wasser brauche ich!"


Ich habe hamburger, Ich brauche wasser! Schnell!


Just I didn't made D and W capital in "durst and wasser" and it was wrong.

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