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Spanish Speaking Countries

The best and only way to become fluent in another language is going ABROAD!!! I'm trying to find the best countries besides Spain that I can live in for a while and really practice my Spanish. Who's with me?!

Let's Consider: Development (is the country developed like the US, UK, Spain etc.) Difficulty (beginner or intermediate) Accent (easy to understand) Vosotros, Ustedes, and Tu (Not all Spanish-speakers use them) Caribbean, Latin America, Central America, Spain?

Where would you go? I need some ideas. :)

Websites for reference: https://swaplanguage.com/blog/en/type-spanish-i-learn/ https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/should-you-learn-spanish-in-spain-or-latin-america https://www.goabroad.com/articles/language-study-abroad/best-spanish-speaking-country-latin-america-language-study

June 13, 2018



Chile is definitely the most developed Spanish speaking country.


I'm actually going there soon! :) I hope I can learn some more Spanish while I'm there :D


Maybe, but it's where the language is worst spoken.


Costa Rica's a nice place to work on Spanish, though you'll not get much in the way of vosotros.


Developed: Spain/Andorra> Chile/Argentina/Uruguay > Costa Rica/Cuba [both not as rich as other countries, but safer and well developed in important things].

Difficulty: It is identical if you don't know the language. If you are used to a specific dialect, try countries with that dialects or similar varieties. I.e.: If you know Mexican Spanish, try Bolivia, Peru or Central America, not Puerto Rico or Argentina.


After doing lots of research considering development, difficulty of dialect, and my standing (beginner-intermediate) I'd choose between:

Costa Rica, PerĂº, Ecuador, and Colombia

These countries have an easier and slower dialect for beginners.

The more difficult ones (and futher away) would be:

Chile, Argentina, y Republica Dominicana

These dialects are faster and more difficult to understand (Especially Republica Dominicana). Most likely for intermediate Spanish speakers.

Thanks for all of your input everybody :)


who knows about cuba?


I had a Cuban colleague for a while. As far as language learning is concerned, stay away. The accent is impossible to understand. Even a Spanish colleague had difficulties, because he spoke so differently.


I've heard Peru's nice..... plus, they have Machu Picchu there :)

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