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Spanish Speaking Countries

The best and only way to become fluent in another language is going ABROAD!!! I'm trying to find the best countries besides Spain that I can live in for a while and really practice my Spanish. Who's with me?!

Let's Consider: Development (is the country developed like the US, UK, Spain etc.) Difficulty (beginner or intermediate) Accent (easy to understand) Vosotros, Ustedes, and Tu (Not all Spanish-speakers use them) Caribbean, Latin America, Central America, Spain?

Where would you go? I need some ideas. :)

Websites for reference: https://swaplanguage.com/blog/en/type-spanish-i-learn/ https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/should-you-learn-spanish-in-spain-or-latin-america https://www.goabroad.com/articles/language-study-abroad/best-spanish-speaking-country-latin-america-language-study

June 13, 2018



Chile is definitely the most developed Spanish speaking country.


I'm actually going there soon! :) I hope I can learn some more Spanish while I'm there :D


I'm from Chile :) Enjoy your trip. I hope you can know different parts of the country and learn a lot of Spanish.


You're from Chile. That's awesome! Is there anything I should know for the language like slang, common courtesy etc.


If you move to Chile, you'll need to catch aspirated s (one of the main shibboleths for Spanish varieties). Listen to these pronunciations: https://forvo.com/word/cascos/#es


Maybe, but it's where the language is worst spoken.


Chileans speak perfect Chilean Spanish (or another dialects) just like Mexicans speak perfect Mexican Spanish or Spaniards speak perfect Andalusian/Northern/Central Spanish from Spain.


Bu si erei shileno, ton burki ablai en gringo weon conshetumadre :DDD


Costa Rica's a nice place to work on Spanish, though you'll not get much in the way of vosotros.


Developed: Spain/Andorra> Chile/Argentina/Uruguay > Costa Rica/Cuba [both not as rich as other countries, but safer and well developed in important things].

Difficulty: It is identical if you don't know the language. If you are used to a specific dialect, try countries with that dialects or similar varieties. I.e.: If you know Mexican Spanish, try Bolivia, Peru or Central America, not Puerto Rico or Argentina.


After doing lots of research considering development, difficulty of dialect, and my standing (beginner-intermediate) I'd choose between:

Costa Rica, PerĂº, Ecuador, and Colombia

These countries have an easier and slower dialect for beginners.

The more difficult ones (and futher away) would be:

Chile, Argentina, y Republica Dominicana

These dialects are faster and more difficult to understand (Especially Republica Dominicana). Most likely for intermediate Spanish speakers.

Thanks for all of your input everybody :)


who knows about cuba?


I had a Cuban colleague for a while. As far as language learning is concerned, stay away. The accent is impossible to understand. Even a Spanish colleague had difficulties, because he spoke so differently.


That can be true for a Mexican, a Spaniard or students who are used to other dialects, but it is irrelevant for who doesn't know the language. If you go to China with no knowledge of Chinese languages, the "easiest" and the "hardest" dialects for Chinese people would be equally difficult for you.


I've heard Peru's nice..... plus, they have Machu Picchu there :)

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