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  5. "Hoy no nos duchamos."

"Hoy no nos duchamos."

Translation:Today we are not showering.

June 13, 2018



Since "nos duchamos" can be either present or preterit, "Today we didn't shower" should also be accepted. Reported July 2018.


Agreed. I put "We didn't shower today." and was marked wrong and I believe it is correct.


What about, "We aren't showering today."


That would be a good translation as well.


LouV68 - "Today we don't shower" was accepted .


Not today! I am marked wrong for same


I entered “we are not showering ourselves today” but this wasn’t accepted. Would this not be an acceptable translation?


The English verb "to shower" as in "to wash oneself" is intransitive. You can't "shower something", not even yourself.


I used "Today we do not take shower", and it was marked wrong.


Showers are countable in English, so you need to say "take a shower" or "take showers".


Sorry, I made a mistake in writing the comment. I did use 'take A shower' in my actual translation.


I was marked wrong on a similar sentence recently because I omitted the 'nos'. I asked in this forum and was told I needed the 'nos' so that it was apparent that they are showering 'themselves' and not showering another object. Therefore in the answer here I have selected 'ourselves' in the translation because the sentence contained the word 'nos'. I was marked incorrect and told the 'ourselves' was not needed even though the sentence had 'nos' in it?? Confused


Lucy, the Spanish duchar and the English "to shower" work differently.

Duchar is defined as "dar una ducha", "to give a shower", which means that you always have to mention who you're giving that shower to. You need an object there. On the other hand, "to shower" in English means "to wash yourself in the shower". The "yourself" is already included and you can't add an object there.

If you want to give a shower to someone else in English, you can either say "to give a shower to [someone]", or you need two objects: "to shower [someone] with [something]".


Thank you for your explanation. I appreciate it. I can understand that it needs to be obvious who or what is being showered, but what I don't understand is how sometimes I'm marked wrong for including it and sometimes for excluding it. It's confusing sometimes on here and just when I get my head around something I then find it wants me to do the opposite. Hopefully with time I'll get the hang of it. X


is nos the same as nosotros here? we've been using nosotros this whole time its kindof annoying to only now abbreviate it to nos


In this case nosotros is implied from the verb form, but nos indicates to whom the verb is acting upon. So we are showering (nos) us.


'Today we are not showering ourselves ' should have been accepted


Today we don't shower ourselves. Why this doesn't work?

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