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"¿Estás nervioso ahora?"

Translation:Are you nervous now?

2 months ago



Why not "right now?"

2 months ago

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That translates more closely to "ahorita".

2 months ago


I typed "nerviosa" & the rest was correct - a bit harsh that it gets rejected.

2 weeks ago


Why not "now nervous"? It's leterally the same meaning.

1 month ago


Because that's the wrong word order. It's ungrammatical.

1 month ago

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I don't know - someone wrote it's ungrammatical - but I've heard it said - it's possibly regional.

3 weeks ago


In general, I think Duolingo goes for grammatically correct translations. The way American is evolving, it will soon become a very different language, with only some consideration for grammar. Because it’s been said, doesn’t mean that it is correct. There’s a lot of idiosyncratic sentence constructions out there that seem very strange & yet DL gets criticism for not accepting them

4 days ago


That is to say, for the old grammar. Grammar changes more slowly than the uses of language, but if a grammar is to survive, it must follow the language. That is why the old latin based grammars were so awkward for describing English. Dictionaries of usage are often the best option.

1 day ago