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  5. "My apartment is perfect."

"My apartment is perfect."

Translation:Mi apartamento es perfecto.

June 14, 2018



Why is it es instead of esta?


Está is "to be" for location, while es is "to be" for personality or character traits. I hope this helped!


Why is it el banco está cerrado but el apartamento es perfecto aren't they both describing a place


"Està" is used when describing either where something is, or something that is only temporarily true. "Es" is used when describing something about something. "El banco està cerrado"(the bank is closed) is temporarily true. The bank may open later today, or tomorrow. It is not permanent. "El apartamento es perfecto"(the apartment is perfect) is likely to stay true, and is used in describing a fact about the apartment that will likely never change, at least in the short term. If you click on any of the subjects in Spanish, in the top right corner of the box below it there will be one or two signs. One is a key and one is a lightbulb. If you click on the lightbulb, it shows you some things you should know about that subject. I believe it is explained in the lightbulb from the subject "travel." It is the first topic covered when you click on the lightbulb. If anyone read all of this, I hope it helped.


es means is and esta means this therefor it would be my apartment is=(es) or my apartment this=(esta)


I believe you mixed up "está" with "esta," the latter of which means "this" (feminine form). The former is the el/ella/usted form of the verb "estar," which, as well as the verb "ser," means "to be." The difference between "ser" and "estar" is discussed here: https://www.wyzant.com/resources/blogs/236254/ser_vs_estar_to_be_or_to_be_what_is_the_difference Just remember that accents are quite important—even only one can change the entire meaning of a word.


Why is it el hotel esta aqui but not el apartamento esta perfecto?


Well, mine is not


It is not fair to call the answer wrong when I type one letter wrong.


I wrote apartmento but you said it was wrong. Why?


Apartamento, not apartmento. You missed an a.


OK! Understand it now! Thank you!


It said I was wrong and that the correct word for apartment was piso... Why?


I typed in Mi apartamento es perfecto. The system told me it should have been, mi piso es perfecto. That means my floor is perfect.


I think its es instead of ea?

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