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  5. "Me siento peor hoy."

"Me siento peor hoy."

Translation:I feel worse today.

June 14, 2018


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Could someone explain the word siento? Lo siento = I am sorry, which literally translated means "I feel it"? while Me siento means "I am feeling" followed by an adjective?


It sounds like you've already got it. When used by itself, the verb "sentir" means "to feel/sense". It can be used to express how you're feeling a tangible sensation (a stick in your hands, somebody touching you, etc), or to express what you're thinking.

  • ¿Sientes esa brisa? Do you feel that breeze?
  • Siento que está bien. I feel/think it's fine.
  • Lo siento. I'm sorry. (I feel/regret it.)

When used reflexively (with the pronoun "me", in this case), the verb "sentir" takes on the meaning of "being in a state".

  • I feel tired. Me siento cansado.

More info: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/sentirse

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Thank you for this clear explanation.


Thank you for your explanation.


Nice streak, Wade!

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