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  5. "How many dogs do you have?"

"How many dogs do you have?"

Translation:¿Cuántos perros tienes?

June 14, 2018



My response of "Cuántos perros tiene usted" was marked incorrect and the correct response was shown as "¿Cuántos perros tienen ustedes?." I acknowledge that in this particular sentence, neither usted nor ustedes is required in the response, but when usted/ustedes is used (such as in this particular sentence), how do you determine which is appropriate? Alternatively, is "tiene usted" a correct response which should be submitted as a report?


Using the pronoun is fine. Any of the following variations should be accepted (in addition to other regional differences in pronoun use):

  • ¿Cuántos perros tienes (tú)?
  • ¿Cuántos perros tiene (usted)?
  • ¿Cuántos perros tienen (ustedes)?

It's usually not possible to differentiate between "tú/usted" and "vosotros/ustedes" when the English sentence has the word "you". I suppose there are some questions where it's unlikely to ask them towards multiple people (Are you awake?, etc), but in general, the English "you" is vague enough to be translated as either singular or plural in Spanish.


I decided to attack this backwards (as a lot of Spanish seems to be - LOL!), ¿Cuántos tienes perros? (How many you have dogs?), it tricks me into putting the Spanish the way you would speak in English. Ugh!


i posted cuantos perros tu tienes and got it wrong? Is there something wrong with my sentence or did duolingo goof again?


Same response from me. How do you know if the person you were asking the question of was 'familiar' or 'formal'? I used the formal 'tiene usted'....marked as incorrect. If the person to whom you directed the question was familiar you should already know how many dogs they have!


Tienes cuantos perros? Why not?


Can you not say "Tu tienes cuantos perros?" (sorry I don't have a spanish keyboard set up)


Same question from me anyone ...


Why no article in front of perros? Gracias por su ayuda.

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