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"They are not interested in playing tennis."

Translation:A ellas no les interesa jugar al tenis.

June 14, 2018



Why is this just ellas, why not ellos also? Men and women play tennis.


I would like to know the answer to this also because I used ellos instead of ellas and it was marked wrong, hmm.


I wrote "ellos no les interesa jugar tenis" - can anyone explain why i have to include the article "al" and the rule around this please??


When do you use interesa jugar al tenis and interesa jugar el fútbol . Why the difference al and el? Is it la tenis and el fútbol?


My question exactly - I believe the "a" for interesa is at the beginning of the sentence, so the second "a" in tennis is linked to jugar, but why is it not used for jugar el futbol?


The verb jugar need an a. For example jugar a el fútbol. But a + el is always al. But don't mess "la"(the female article) and "al"(a+el) E.g. "Vuelve a la casa." "Vuelve al cine"


I wrote, "Ellos no les interesa jugar al tenis." it was wrong. Why is the A necessary before ellos?


Why is it interesa not interesaN, if we speak about ellas?


Interesar is a "reverse verb" (my term) like gustar. Playing tennis does not interest them. Interesar conjugates for the playing not for them. That is also why you need "a" ellos, not just ellos. Other "reverse" verbs include aburrir, fascinar, bastar, importar, caer bien (mal), dar asco, molestar, disgustar, paracer, doler, picar, encantar, quedar, faltar, volver loco. There may be others. You just have to memorize them.


Why is "No los interesa jugar al tenis." marked wrong?


Because the inderect object form third-person plural is les, not los.


Why not ellos. It isn't wrong. Once again, gender is not specificed and this answer thwarts the rules of masculine unless stated otherwise. I really wish either ellos or ellas would be acceptable in any answer.


I wrote "ellos no les interesa en jugar el tenis and it was marked wrong.


I think it's just because "en" should be dropped from that sentence.

"It doesn't interest them to play tennis."


"It doesn't interest them in to play tennis."


Also it is "jugar al tennis" (it is always "jugar a", and a+el is always al)


If you're asking about "les" and "al" you need to go back and review that section.


This is so poorly explained im about to quit


You need to say what part you don't understand if you need help from people.


I wrote: "Ellos no están interesado en jugar al tenis" (copy and paste) and it was not accepted. "Estar interesado en.." is given as a possible translation of "to be interested in" and now, I am asking myself what is my mistake?! )-:


You correctly conjugated estar as plural but not interesado. It has to be interesados here.


I said "Ellos no son interesa en jugar de tenis." and it said it was wrong, that it should be "Ellos no se interesan en jugar el tenis." But could I say "Ellos no están interesados en jugar al tenis." ?


Not sure, but I think ESTAN (estar) isn't a good form of "to be" in this sentence.


The way it was explained to me many years ago... Ser is used in basic inherent cases, things that are not likely to change. Estar is used when it could change. The difference between, "They are not interested in playing tennis" and "They are not interested in playing tennis right now". In the first example, they are not interested and that is not likely to change.


Thank you, that makes it clear.


'Ellos no interesa jugar al tenis' Is this correct?


You omitted the "a" in front of either ellos or ellas. Interesa is like gusta and encanta; what would be a subject in English is actually the indirect object and needs "a"


I dont understand why you need les?


Because they find something interesting and they aren't interesting. E.g. "Ellos les interesa el fútbol." They are interested in soccer.

But "Ellos interesa el fútbol." Is just wrong. "Ellos interesan." Would mean "They are interesting." "Ellos interesan el fútbol" would mean "They are interesting soccer."

So it is "(A) ellos les interesa el fútbol"


Can I use "jugar de tenis" ?


No. It is always "jugar a" and it is "el tenis", further more a+el is al So: Jugar al tenis


I am still not getting when to use al. I thought I got it but, then we don't use it for a while and then I realize the lesson is NOT getting thru like the other lessons. Can someone please try to explain this again? Thanks!


It's actually a lot more simple than it seems! If you are playing a sport, you always need to put an "a" and then the article in between the verb jugar and the name of the sport. So if we're talking about playing tennis, it would be:

jugar + a + el + tenis

Then, because "a" always combines with the masculine "el" to form "al," it's going to contract down to:

Jugar al tenis

"A" does not combine with the feminine "la," so if you run into a femine sport, it would be:

Jugar a la [sport]


When do you use tocar.


Tocar is for music, not sports.


Why is "a ellos" required if it's optional?


This sentence has me completely baffled.


How do I know whether you want feminine or masculine?


What's wrong with this translation: "ellos no les interesa jugar al tenis"

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