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"How did you get so close to the lake?"

Translation:Jak ses dostal tak blízko k jezeru?

June 14, 2018



The feminine form (dostala) isn't accepted, I don't see any reason to interpret the English sentence as addressed to a man. Am I missing something?


For some reason this question is missing more possible answers. I will add them later or someone else will.


It is beta version after all (:


It is not anymore!

Strangely, there were oalso only two reports for this sentence and both of them masculine anyway.


Many people assume male when the sentence is non-gendered. I like to try both options.


I'm a bit confused as to how this is "how did YOU" get so close to the lake? Isn't "dostal" by itself indicating 3rd person male? (e.g. How did HE get so close to the lake)? Does it need 'jste' or 'jsi' to make it 2nd person past?


"jsi" + "se" = "ses"

  • Jak se dostal k jezeru? - How did he get to the lake?
  • Jak ses dostal k jezeru? - How did you get to the lake?
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