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"The prices are expensive here."

Translation:Los precios son caros aquí.

June 14, 2018



prices are not "expensive" or "cheap" but high or low


In the US it is said both ways, high or low/expensive or cheap, but most use expensive or cheap. Either way is correct and excepted. There is actually a third phrase widely used which is "average prices" which would mean somewhere in between hopefully more in the middle.


Isn't "aca" used with verbs of motion?


I was taught that "acá" is used with verbs of motion as in "ven acá" but there is no verb of motion in the sentence for this exercise.


Why is "Los precios estan caros aqui." wrong?


I just did the same thing. I think SER is used because the meaning is that the "prices are ALWAYS expensive here" implying a permanent situation which SER best describes.


Están is actually defining a changeable state, while son indicates a stable state. A store in which the prices generally seem high is not likely to become a bargain basement, indicating ser rather than estar conjugation.


Why not: "los precios son costosos aqui?"

[deactivated user]

    I used expensivos and got it wrong. Por que?

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