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"An den Wochenenden habe ich keine Zeit."

Translation:On weekends, I have no time.

June 14, 2018



Definitely AT weekends in UK


I am a teacher of English for the British Institute in Chile and, yes, "at the weekends" is what we teach. Duolingo should accept it.


'I have no time at weekends' is a more commonly used way of saying this in English; is it an accepted translation?


I thought British English said "at the weekend".

I wrote "At the weekends I have no time" and it was marked incorrect. It doesn't sound normal to me as an American but perhaps a Brit can weigh in.

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Not a native here, but been living between the UK and Ireland for 20 odd years now, and I would definitely say "at the weekend/s". It is possible I may be wrong, but my instinct is that it is right.


I am a native English speaker who has lived in England most of her life. The English would never say "on the weekends". "At the weekends" is totally correct.


I would say "I have no time on weekends".

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