"There is tour guider in Arusha"

Translation:Arusha kuna mtembeza watalii

June 14, 2018

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'mtembeza watalii' how does this translate to tour guider? 'watalii' is tourists, 'kutembea' is to walk or tour.


kutembea = walk
kutembeza = to walk (eg. a dog), to guide, to take on a walk [the causative form of kutembea]

One way to talk about someone who does something, especially if you have a verb and an object like this, is to just put m- on the beginning of the verb ... it's automatically a noun meaning "one who Xs Y", so mtembeza watalii is a tour guide = one who takes tourists on walks


What is a "guider" there is no such word in English. I am either a Tour Guide or a Tourist Guide.


What about Mwongozo aa Utalii for Tourist Guide?

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