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  5. "我觉得你的衬衫太小了。"


Translation:I think your shirt is too small.

June 14, 2018



says every parent ever


I wonder when this course will ever have some changes in the program added to correct and accept typos. I'm doing the French course too, and it is so much more advanced. If you miss a letter due to typing it still gives you full marks and points out the typo you made. But not this course. They seem bent on teaching us English here more often than Chinese.


As elsewhere in this topic, the female variants for clothing seem to be ignored. 衬衫 can be translated as 'shirt' or 'blouse'. Given that women tend to have more issues with upper-body garment size than men I regard this as particularly relevant to this translation.


A blouse is 女衬衫


2020-07-16 "I think your blouse is too small" is accepted.

("Fruuuuity oaty bars make you bust out of your blouse!")


does 了 here indicate that the shirt/blouse has shrunk during washing?


An amusing thought, but no, I think it just emphasizes that it is too small, not just very small.

[Edit: TY Looli23 - we are all learners here :)]

了 gets used in a number of different ways, and I think this particular exercise is about one of them where it is used in a pattern of 太[adjective]了. This changes the meaning of 太 from 'very/extremely' to 'too/excessively'.


I think 了 is also used here because it's a state of the garment that cannot be corrected. Nothing more can be said about it - it is in a state of completion. It's too small and that is that.


The pronounciation for this is wrong. 觉 is pronounced jué in this context

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