"Benki inakopesha"

Translation:The bank loans money

June 14, 2018

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Money in the translation but not mentioned in the Swahili sentence.....One translates what is given.....not what is implied.


In this translation is 'loans' a noun or a verb? I would have translated this 'the banks lends'. The way this translation reads is the 'loans' is a noun, which does not seems correct as we are dealing with causative verbs.


It's meant to be the verb. I'm fine with "loans" as a verb, although I do prefer "lends" too ... The problem is that English has a whole lot of words that can be either noun or verb with no change and these little incomplete fragments of sentences mean that it's ambiguous which one is meant if you don't understand the Swahili. We should be given sentences like "The bank loans money to people who need it" or something like that.


Or even just the bank loans money. And then they don't want you to use an article, which makes it even more ambiguous.


I think 'lends' is the better translation here. The correct translation should be 'The bank lends money'

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