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  5. "I will feed him."

"I will feed him."


June 14, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I love that you added this, but I just realized that the je' taught in the course is buy, rather than feed... I'm entirely OK with both being in there, but IIRC you're trying to avoid homonyms.


    Hm, you're probably right. I had a look at the internal notes for je' and it looked as if we taught both meanings but this may have been a mistake.

    I'm leaving it in for now -- the hints are there.


    The alternate meaning may not have been specifically taught (yet) in this course, but many of us use outside websites and other sources for reference, such the boqwI' app and the hol.kag.org website. If it's an alternate meaning for the same word, with identical spelling, and the hints are there to give us the alternate meaning, I don't see the harm in learning that any given word has an additonal meaning. It may be useful in the future. :-)


    I'll buy him lunch.

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