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"I don't feel very well today."

Translation:Yo no me siento muy bien hoy.

3 months ago



Is the 'Yo' necessary at the beginning of this sentence? If it is dropped, would 'No me siento muy bien hoy' be an understandable sentence?

1 month ago


No .


2 weeks ago


Is it also correct to say: "yo no siento muy bien hoy"? If not, why?

3 months ago


I am trying to find out the same thing, I entered my answer as " Yo no siento muy bien hoy" and it was incorrect, Im thinking it is because "siento" by itself means just "feel" so saying "me siento" means "I feel" But I am not sure what the guidelines are to needing to use the "me". Im hoping this makes sense

3 months ago


"Sentirse" is an example of a reflexive verb in Spanish, so it requires the "me" in front here. This is the first reflexive verb we've seen so far, but I expect there will be more in the future

3 months ago


It's the difference between you not feeling well yourself (being unwell) and you not feeling something else well. In English, it's understood that you're saying "I don't (myself) feel well".

3 weeks ago


Was shown this alternate translation:

"No estoy muy bien hoy."

2 weeks ago