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  5. "La niña es cubana."

"La niña es cubana."

Translation:The girl is Cuban.

June 14, 2018



Why is it always with "niña" and "niño" and not "chica"/"chico" and "muchacha"/"muchacho" when they all mean "girl" and "boy" but the 1st mean little girl/boy, the 2nd mean girl/boy (bigger) and the 3rd mean young woman/young man.


"Nina/nino" is the most polite and understandable term for spanish. "Chica/chico","Muchacha/muchacho" is more of a rude way of saying boy & girl. Yes, they do kind of mean the same thing but they come off differently when you say those.


Could you say La nina esta cubana?


No. Without an accent in está, you wrote "the girl that Cuban," which makes no sense. With the accent, it's the wrong verb -- estar instead of ser.

The verb is ser because the girl's nationality is a fact about her, like la niña es bonita. You'd use estar if talking about things like location or current emotion: la niña está en Cuba; la niña está enojada.


Why is cubana no capitalized?


Capitalize countries, not nationalities or languages.
La niña es cubana y habla español.
Las chicas viven en Francia, pero no son francesas.


Just like my babe camila cabello


This is fully correct The sentence i wrote and the one you give me have the same meaning Btw


It ask you what you hear and it is la nina es cubana that is what is wrote but it says wrong i don't know why.


Maybe bc of the ñ (use spanish keyboard to be able to write ñ and accents)


Is can be translated to es or esta so i dont understand when you use one or the other


See my comment above. No. It can't be translated as either because ser and estar are two different words, just like por and para. Both pairs are something that native speakers of Germanic languages need to study up and practice until they become intuitive.


I clicked cuban and it said it was wrong and I followed every work and it should be right.


What has happened to the audio, I cannot hear!!


Why is Cubana not capitalized in Spanish but in English?


Thats what i put but said it was wrong?


Seems same except for tilda on n!

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