French stories: Request to add buttons to select audio playback speeds

For obvious reasons, the slow audio in the stories is generated by slowing down the recording (while maintaining pitch). However, the algorithm used produces some nasty side-effects which make, IMHO, the slow audio almost useless and often harder to understand than the audio at normal speed.

Unfortunately, the slow audio plays at the second or third replay automatically.

I would very much like to be able to choose the speed. Quite often, although I am on a 100 MBit land-line connection, the first rendition of recordings is stuttering and/or has gaps. So I am forced to use the replay button, and that is my one and only chance to hear the proper audio. Afterwards, it only plays this distorted, slowed down version.

Devs, please put in buttons to enable users to choose the playback speed. And maybe it would be a good idea to have a second recording of the whole story where the voice actors speak really slow, instead of that bad automatic slow-down algorithm.

June 14, 2018


I agree!

June 16, 2018

This is a great suggestion.

June 17, 2018
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