"¿Tú quieres mirar televisión otra vez?"

Translation:Do you want to watch TV again?

5 months ago


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I chose the literal translation, "Do you want to watch TV another time?" meaning not right now. Does "otra vez" only mean "another time" in the sense of "again?" Or can it also mean "some other time"?

5 months ago


If you check SpanishDict I think you'll find that it means "another time" in the sense of "again".

5 months ago


I agree totally that another time should be acceptable

5 months ago


Another time and again are the same, both should be accepted.

3 months ago


Some more should be accepted

4 weeks ago


Does someone know: if "otra vez" = again; would "Do you want to watch TV at another time?" be asked as "...mirar TV alguna otra vez?"

4 months ago


I too wrote another time and got it wrong. Also confused..... here television is the same in English and Spanish, (accented in Spanish) but when picture of tv shown in last section as a pic to be translated then el television was wrong, their correct answer was el televisor.

3 months ago


I was marked wrong for, "Do you want to watch more TV?" To me it seems a more natural way to translate the Spanish. But perhaps I don't understand the exact meaning of "¿Tú quieres mirar televisión otra vez?"

2 months ago


Hi Loopnode.....by including...more...to your answer you have added more to the sentence than what was provided for translation....más ...which means `more' was not part of the sentence......in translating we need to be as close to the original sentence as possible

1 month ago


Hey, thanks! Your right. As I said, I was trying to make the translation more natural than the one provided. "Do you want to watch TV again?" is a sentence I've never used or ever heard used. As you point out, MÁS doesn't equal OTRA VEZ, and now I get why my translation wasn't accepted.

Translating is a bit of a balancing act, and for these exercises, learning the proper use of the language is at the top of my list.

1 month ago


Why isn't is "la television"?

1 month ago

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It does not accept "Do you want to watch televison again" "TV" is OK but "television" is not WTF????????????

1 week ago


This sentence is not never used in Spain. The form would be: ¿Quieres ver la televisión otra vez (de nuevo)?

4 months ago


Miguel, I know this comment section isn't about English but your sentence, "This sentence is not never used in Spain" is incorrect. You used double negatives -- "not never" -- where we would say, "not ever." Gracias para tu ayuda con español.

3 months ago
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